Friday, April 4, 2014

Teresa at the State Capitol

Teresa made it to downtown Nashville today! She got to take a walk around the grounds of the state capitol. The Tennessee State Capitol is the seat of the Tennessee legislature, the location of the governor's office, and a National Historic Landmark. Unlike Minnesota's state capitol, it is one of only ten state capitols that does not have a dome

Teresa saw many monuments on the grounds, including statues of two of the three Tennessee residents who served as President of the United States: Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson. The second President from Tennessee, James K. Polk, is buried in a tomb on the grounds, alongside his wife, Sarah Childress Polk. Other monuments on the grounds include the Sargent Alvin C. York Memorial, the Tennessee Holocaust Commission Memorial, the Sam Davis Memorial, the Senator Edward Ward Carmack Memorial and the Memorial to Africans of the Middle Passage.

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