Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flat Damien in South Carolina

Flat Damien arrived a bit affected by rain, but we fixed him up as best we could.  We are so glad he came to visit us.  South Carolina is where the Civil War started, and, at the moment, is a rainy place.  We rarely get snow in the winter.  This winter it snowed twice, which was a big deal.  No one could go to work or school, or even drive on the roads until the snow melted a couple days later.  Since we don't usually have snow, very few people own sleds.  We all went sledding anyway on trashcan lids and even our kiddie swimming pool.  It was great!

We have six people in our family: Mom, Dad, and four boys, and lots of pets. 

Pictured above and below, Flat Damien is with our pond where our fish and turtle live.  The owl likes to perch on the fence and watch them swim.  See Turtly coming up to say, "Hi!"

We are master fort builders, with a little help from our parents, so Flat Damien enjoyed taking a look inside.

We introduced Flat Damien to "Liz," our leopard gecko.  (We named Liz before we knew he was a boy.)

 Here is we are at our favorite place, the Riverbanks Zoo.  Mr. Skalicky has been there!  Just ask him!  We love it because of all of the animals.

We home school, which means we have a wonderful teacher (aka: Mom), and we get to have lots of recess between lessons to enjoy our forts and animals.  Thank you for sending your alter ego, Flat Damien, to visit us.


Wewhoshouldnotbenamed.  (ha!)